Play Like a Girl LA (Plus a New Sparkle & Destroy Podcast)!

FINALLY! A new Sparkle and Destroy podcast episode featuring new music and some new live show news, too! I've been working hard with Dr. Cain and Gabe for the past six months to put out a new full length Hayley and the Crushers album, COOL LAME, and this podcast deals pretty exclusively dedicated to the joys, pitfalls, and embarrassments that come from the messier side of recording. I'm taking this series one song a time. Join me! Warning: You will hear some out of tune singing, for sure! You will also hear rambles about lyrics, recording, and some dog barking, of course. : )

Also, Hayley and the Crushers will be playing Harvard and Stone for the fabulous Play Like a Girl Showcase this Nov. 30. This is a showcase and organization that I have admired for several years now. Play Like a Girl LA helps bring female led bands and marginalized musicians to the forefront of the LA music scene, so please check their calendar and support their workshops and events (and I'll see you Nov. 30 for the free FREE FREE show - see poster below).


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