Sparkle & Destroy Ep. 4: DGAF

Join the Kerfuffle! 

Today’s guest: Wine Darci! Wine Darci doesn’t know when to stop. Wine Darci DGAF.

Hayley and her “darling” neighbor Darci Hafley vent about the silencing of feminism online and otherwise.

We talk online etiquette (extended sigh) and Hayley drops a few Feminist “Pussy Proclamations” and inalienable rights.

Also, quit dumping on Millennials, people. Just because they don’t have “real jobs” and pay more for organic produce doesn’t mean you can blame all of your bitter failings on them.

Hayley’s husband, silly cyber troll and bleak Gen Xer Dr. Reid Cain Esquire stops by to talk about tribal arm bands, how to sell a box of leaves, and the fact that we’re all going to die.

Go ahead and unfriend us. Block us. Report us. We dare you. WDGAF. Listen at the link below, on iTunes or SoundCloud.

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