Be a Unicorn in Your Field (Podcast #14)

Be a Unicorn in Your Field w/ Sound Engineer Emma Staake of Seattle, WA!

There's plenty of "sound guys" out there in the world, but Emma Staake is not one of them. I met Emma a gig in Seattle this past April (she was the "sound gal" for the show, and she did a smashing job at it, too). We played with surf coven Baywitch, who are awesome (go check em out) and the amazingly shred-tactic Beverley Crusher.

With the mantra to "be relentlessly herself," Emma has already made waves in her local Seattle music scene, both as a musician and from behind the mixing boards. She is thoughtful, funny, and wise beyond her years.

Today, we talk practical tips for communicating sound needs on stage, time management, following your dreams, and opening the door for others to come in after you.

As always, stick around till the end to hear some of Emma’s lovely handiwork. Her Song, "What You do" is haunting and beautiful.


Some yummy tour news!

Hayley and the Crushers will be playing Morro Bay, California on Saturday, July 14 touring Colorado July 19-22. : )

Plus, our forthcoming album COOL LAME will be out on vinyl this fall on Eccentric Pop Records!

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